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Join the BAD (Blended Agile Delivery) Slack Channel and collaborate with likeminded people across the globe

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The BAD Toolkit founders would like to invite you to join our free “BAD Toolkit” Slack channel, which is available to everyone worldwide. In this channel you will be able to collaborate with peers around the world such as Practitioners, Contributors and Adopters.

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Why Join

There are plenty of reason, for example:

  • Chat with Founders and Practitioners and deep dive into specific areas of interest
  • Find about new toolkit content as it is added to our library
  • Find out about training material and upcoming courses
  • See and chat to adopters on how their implementations of the toolkit are going

All you have to do, is join and participate. Slack is easily accessible by either your browser or byone of Slack’s free desktop apps. If you like to join the BAD Toolkit Community Slack channel, then just provide your contact details and we will add you.

Channel Rules

  • No recruiters, marketers etc.. This channel is really for enthusiasts only and validation on each account will occur
  • Zero tolerance towards abuse in the channel
  • Keep the language clean
  • Introduce yourself when you join to the others


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